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What Is Site Uptime And Why Does It Matter?

Website uptime is a measure of the time which a website has been “up” and available for web requests from users. The term ‘Site uptime’ is relatively new, it has been in popular usage for the last 10 to 15 years. ‘Site Uptime’ was invented to describe the opposite of downtime, which is the amount of time which a site is unavailable to users.

Modern web server, network infrastructure and site monitoring technologies have drastically reduced site downtime. This reduction in downtime has made the term ‘site uptime’ a more verbose method to describe website availability and performance. v Website uptime is typically represented as a percentage, for example ’99.99%’. Site uptime is sometimes displayed as ‘nines’, i.e. ‘4 nines’ or ‘5 nines’ representing ’99.99%’ and ’99.999%’ respectively. The later ‘nines’ method is generally used by the tech-type personal such as network engineers and datacenter operators.

Here is a chart on site uptime…

Availability Per Day Per Month Per Year
99.9999% 0.09 sec 2.6 sec 31 sec
99.999% 0.9 sec 26 sec 5 min 16 sec
99.99% 1 min, 26 sec 43 min, 50 sec  8 hr, 45 min, 57 sec
99% 14 min, 24 sec 7 hr, 18 min, 17 sec 87 hr, 39 min, 30 sec

As you can see from the chart above, high availability of your website is a very important subject to address. Even at 99.9% uptime your site may be down for an entire 8 hour period, if this occurs during normal business hours it turns out to be an entire day of site downtime. During this downtime you are loosing potential sales and denying current customers access to their important information.

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