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Visual Site Monitor Reporting Features maintains a permanent database of every site check (5, 10 or 15 minute intervals) for the life of your account.

Information Recorded

Time & Date – this is the time and date of the check
Status – indicated the availability of the site, either up or down
Response Time – the time in seconds it took for your site to load

Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Annual Summary Reports

Using our summary reports page, you can quickly query preset daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports. The reports include a summarized view for the selected time period. These reports are useful when you are looking for a general picture of how your site is performing over a period of time. Results for the summary report include the following information…

  • Time Period - date rage (from and thru dates)
  • Site uptime in days and minutes
  • Site downtime in days and minutes
  • Site uptime percentage
  • Site downtime percentage
  • Number of tests
  • Number of uptime test results
  • Number of downtime test results
Detailed Reports

In addition to the summary reports you can also search your database for more detailed information on test results. The detail reporting page allows you to search by date range (from and thru dates), site status (up or down) and response time in seconds. This report is useful if you are investigating an outage incident. Results for this search include the following data…

  • Time and date of test
  • Site status
  • Response Time
Report Formats.

All reports in our system are available for viewing/downloading in 3 formats. You can view all report on screen, you also have the ability to download the report to an Excel spreadsheet file, the third format if PDF which gives good printability of your. The Excel and PDF file downloads offer the ability to email the report.

Public Uptime Statistics Allows you to display your sites uptime directly on your website. By simply copying and pasting a small piece of html code into you site, you can instantly show your visitors your history of uptime.

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