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Alerting Details

If our monitoring system finds that your site is down or that there is a service outage, the alerting system instantly responds by sending one or more alerts.

Alerting Methods

Email – A short but information email is sent to one or more email addresses SMS (text) message – Sent to your cell phone or PDA device Pager Notification – A special code indicated the site and status Voice Message – a synthesized voice reads the site and status

Maintenance Schedules

You can create maintenance schedules which will suspend monitoring and alerting during the specified time frame. You have the ability to add one time and recurring maintenance periods. By defining maintenance periods you will stop unwanted (false) downtime alerts and stop the scheduled downtime from appearing if your uptime statistics and logs.

Multiple Alert Recipients

The ability to add one or more alert recipients is a key feature allowing you to delegate site uptime responsibility. For instance you may want to send the site owner an email, however you may want to alert the hosting personal or web developer via text message and email. This ensures you can have multiple people working to get you site back up.

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