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Global Website Monitoring Network

Having multiple servers strategically positioned worldwide plays a very important role in properly implementing a site monitoring system. We have developed relationships with datacenters in Europe & Asia to host our specialized site monitoring station software.

Our main servers are housed in US datacenters, we also have several monitoring locations located right here in the US.

How it works

Our main servers are hosted in Charlotte, NC by peak10. The main servers run specialized ‘test broker’ software, this software send commands to each of the globally positioned site monitoring stations (test sites).

When each website monitoring station completes its tests, the results are sent back to the main servers. Our main servers then combine and analyze the test results to give us a complete and global view of your sites uptime.

Our system will automatically and permanently log each test result to your results database. If a ‘site down’ condition is detected, you and your personal will be instantly notified via your preferred contact method.


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